Hey, I'm Kylee!

I'm the artist behind Natural Formations. Natural Formations was established in August of 2017. At the time, I was nineteen years old and a first generation college student looking for a way to support myself and my studies. I began to channel my creativity into making crystal jewelry out of some crystals I had collected as a young girl. I had high hopes that they would resonate with others. I pitched my new craft to a local gift shop, and my art quickly found their new forever homes. After having the opportunity to showcase my work to my community, I began to fall in love with the process and outlet that I had created for myself during this time in my life.

  • Ethically-Sourced

    One of our core values is providing ethically sourced materials which we take very seriously. Our brand supports family owned mines across the nation by purchasing materials and making sure labor wages are fair.

  • Quality & Value

    When hand picking out materials and creating our handcrafted jewelry, we want to provide the highest waulity products possible at affordable prices. We understand that value is important when working with semi precious gemstones and want our customers to feel blown away when receiving their new pieces.

  • Spirituality

    We are all one. No matter what you believe in, we all are connected and rooted on the same earth. We build personal connections with all of our customers to feel a depper sense of community and belonging.

Present Day

There have been many learning curves throughout the years and with every hurdle, Natural Formations has evolved into what it is today. Now, we are blessed to be featured in over 10 different small businesses, building connections with the community at events, and have established beautiful new friendships and loyal customers who keep coming back.

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