• One of the many things I love about Natural Formations is...

    That it is all handcrafted. I am an active nature lover and one of the many things I love about Natural Formations is that it is all handcrafted and designed in a way that lasts through all my crazy outdoor adventures without even getting damaged. So now I can wear beautiful natural jewelry all the time and I don't have to worry about it breaking!

  • Ethically-Sourced Materials

    One of our core values is providing ethically sourced materials which we take very seriously. Our brand supports family owned mines across the nation by purchasing materials and making sure labor wages are fair.

  • Quality & Value

    When hand picking out materials and creating our handcrafted jewelry, we want to provide the highest quality products possible at affordable prices. We understand that value is important when working with semi precious gemstones and want our customers to feel blown away when receiving their new pieces.

  • Spirituality

    We are all one. No matter what you believe in, we all are connected and rooted on the same earth. We build personal connections with all of our customers to feel a deeper sense of community and belonging.

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Hey, I'm Kylee! The artist behind Natural Formations.

Working with crystals and creating is my artistic outlet and form of self-expression. When I am working, I feel a deep intuitive calling to incorporate love and positivity into each piece. Each piece is one of a kind, created by my two bare hands, and symbolizes deep embodiment for ultimate alignment and healing.

Get to Know Me
  • She was excited to try something new!

    I asked Kylee to make me some hair pieces! She was excited to try something new and I’m glad she did! These hair pieces have an amazing look to them. They are all so different in their own way. I always stray towards something different!

  • So sweet, personal, and friendly!

    It’s easy to tell that everything from Natural Formations is made with pure love and passion. So sweet, personal, and friendly!

  • You won't be disappointed!

    I got some Natural Formations hair accessories for Christmas and I am absolutely in love! The quality is great and as a hairstylist they are perfect for me to give my pictures that little something extra! You won't be disappointed!

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