The Power of the Breath

The Power of the Breath

What is the purpose of healing? Our bodies and minds become lighter and our spirits are lifted. When we undergo healing, we can speak from places of love and light more fully instead of just places of trauma and despair. Sometimes we feel like our lives are always go go go, and we forget to recenter ourselves. The Dial down your nervous system breath is a great way to refocus yourself during times of anxiety, stress, and tension.

Sit somewhere comfortable. feet grounded on the floor, your back in your seat, and hands resting on your belly or heart. Begin breathing in through the nose, inhaling your full breath, and out through puckered lips, exhaling. Fully release and surrender yourself to the breath. Repeat three more times or as many times as you feel needed. This deep breathing technique reduces blood pressure, slows the heart rate, and allows you to clear your mind of stress.

This is something you can practice even in public. You could use this technique during meditation as well. You can grab a few crystals of your choice to hold or fidget with. Amethyst, citrine, and rose quartz are great for stress and anxiety.

Now close your eyes and begin your breath work! This is a tool I use regularly to help calm and heal my inner self through my everyday life, and I hope it can help heal you as well.

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